Uganda Diaspora Japan (UDJ) is an umbrella association that intends to promote the well being of Ugandans in Japan, enhance engagment between Ugandans in japan and the embassy,as well as engagment between Ugandans, Japanes and well-wishers, in order to harness the diaspora's potential towards contribution to the national development agenda of Uganda.

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Our aim as UDJ is to;

1.To facilitate efficient communication and coordination between various organizations or groups and the embassy of Uganda in Japan.
2.To promote the image and visibility of Uganda in Japan.
3.To stimulate and encourage nationwide networking among Ugandans in japan.
4.To keep an updated database of all Ugandans in Japan.
5.To promote the development of commerce,tourism,investment and enterpreneurship between Uganda and Japan.
6. To promote technological skills and knowledge exchangebetween Uganda and Japan.
7. To Identfy and try coming up with solutions for problems faced by Ugandans in Japan



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Executive summary

Uganda Diaspora Japan (UDJ) is a fully registered NPO in Japan( ID Ref no:1011005006600) that set an umbrella Association which form a platform for all Ugandans living in Japan. The Government of Uganda recognizes the role of Ugandans in the Diaspora in the whole world and therefore formed a policy to encourage Ugandans to support their communities back home through resource mobilization, attracting foreign trade investment, technology transfer and also promote the culture and interests of Uganda abroad. They work together with Uganda Missions abroad to realize this objective.
In line with the above, UDJ works together with the Embassy of the Republic of Uganda in Japan to implement the above Government policy.

Objectives of UDJ
1. Promote the image and visibility of Uganda in Japan.
2. To strengthen bilateral relations between Japan and Uganda.
3. To keep an updated database of all Ugandans in Japan.
4. Promote the development of commerce, tourism, investment and entrepreneurship between Uganda and Japan.
5. Support, organize, and participate in national and international celebrations, conventions and activities that promote Uganda in Japan.
6. Organize fund raising activities to support fellow Ugandans in need here and in Uganda.
7. Educate our children at an early age to appreciate the values, culture and ethics of Uganda and Japan.
8. Solicit for technological skills and knowledge exchange in Japan for the socio-economic development of Uganda.
9. To promote education through searching for scholarships for Ugandans to enhance development through research and quality education.
10. Stimulate and encourage nation-wide networking among UDJ members.

Members of UDJ shall include;
1. Regular members; individuals and groups agreeing with the objectives of this organization and have registered as members.
2. Associate/corporate members; individuals and groups joining in order to support the function of the organization.
3. Affiliate members; individuals and groups not otherwise eligible to become members of the confederation, to affiliate to UDJ, and can get involved in information and knowledge exchange.
4. Honorary, shall be composed of founder members of the association, and restricted to individuals with outstanding contributions to the associations. Such persons shall be nominated by the executive committee and ratified by the board of Trustees.

Becoming a member;
Anyone interested in becoming a member should fill and submit a membership application form and pay the required fees.
Membership and required registration fees
1. 10,000 yen to be paid per annum as membership fee and 2,000 yen as registration fee, which is paid once.
2. Students to pay half of the proposed amounts
NOTE: In order to realize the above objectives, the Uganda Diaspora Japan (UDJ) thereafter invites all Ugandans in Japan, Japanese friends to Uganda, investors, and whoever is interested to join this joint effort towards benefiting our Ugandan community in Japan as well as contributing to socio-economic development of Uganda.

The post office Savings Account
Account number:17480 96436431
Account name:(シャ)ザイニチウガンダジンノカイ


Bank Account
Mitsui Sumitomo bank(三井住友銀行)
Branch number:717 (天神町支店 Tenjinntyou shiten)
Account number: 2033996(普通 futsu: normal account)
Account name: イッパンシャダンホウジン ザイニチウガンダジンノカイ

Before registration if you have any questions, send Email: ugadiasporajpn256@gmail.com



Connecting Fukuoka and Uganda


Contact Us at;

9-23 Hachiyamacho, ShibuyaTokyo150-0035

Japan Tel: +81 3-3462-7107/ + 81 92-707-9925



Q. Who is eligible to join UDJ?
A. Any Ugandan living in Japan.
Q.How can I join UDJ?
A. Go to UDJ website and clickREGISTER then fill in all the relevant information. please remember to pay your annual membership fee to the indicated account.
Q. How much is membership fee?
A. 10,000 yen per year (non students both Ugandans and Japanese).
5,000 yen per year for students (college/University and above).
Q. Why do I have to pay membership fee?
A. The money collected from membership fee is used to help in the running of UDJ and fund UDJ events.
Example of events organised by UDJ are;
-Awareness seminars (twice a year).
-Anual sports events.
-Independence day cerebrations .